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If anybody is lying here, senator, it is you. Oh, sorry--wrong forum. I get it now, you're a retarded T [ protected].

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Its pretty darn hot over here. She Wears Crocs I hope you are doing well! Be safe and blessings to the both of you! I get it now you're just a retarded T bagger. They like teens. Really, sweetheart, you're out of your league.

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President Biden has our back! Cuomo killed many of the elderly by forcing them into nursing homes. Look it up. That's Progress. Mrs Pedro wants Frankenfool as her boy toy and Frankenfool is terrified. She will eat and destroy everything in her path her crush on Frankenfool has the whole town in danger. She took out all the eateries in one single munch festival. She sleeps during the day but when the sun goes down Mrs Pedro comes alive looking for Frankenfool. That has to be one of the most idiotic things a Regressive has ever said.

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Girls aren't safe in restrooms? That's "progress"??

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Blacks murdered and their neighborhoods burned out? Oh wait, Democraps have always done that. I'm special. If they don't know who you are they can't. But here they can. You vill show us your vaccination papers! Unless you're an illegal alien.

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Then we'll give you a drivers and a monthly check. Escaping child molestation charges? We'll put you to work in kindergarten. Biden has Afghanistan's back, according to the resident CNN toilet licker.

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One in each hand. It hurts real bad and the swelling never goes down. You would think they would go limp afterwards. This morning, I've got something growing on my hip.

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I'm not sure yet, but it's beginning to resemble a ball sack. Maybe it's just a very large skin tag.

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Brian Mast: Biden's Afghanistan catastrophe proves he does not deserve title of 'commander in chief' [LINK] That is a great article showing points on why Biden's withdrawal was a complete failure. Good read about why Xiden's Afghanistan withdrawal was a complete failure And lost the best thing ever. You Like are New Game? We Do! Yeah, really. They only believe in 2 genders. How damn stupid is that? They think women deserve their own space too.

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Democraps care for women! Molest them! Barge into their restrooms! Barefoot, pregnant, and in a burka! Because these plaintiffs that filed a lawsuit to completely stop the California gubernatorial recall election have no legal standing at all.

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And besides that: It would trigger a much bigger and major constitutional crisis here within the entire state of California if that were to happen right now. And besides that: It would trigger a bigger and major constitutional crisis here within the entire state of California if that were to happen right now. YouTube Come see what puppet makers has for all my kiddy's wile a stalk you. Bunch of losers. How did it work out for you?

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If drivers aren't familiar with them, and don't drive small cars, they are a flipping nightmare, cause wrecks, and congestion. Wait until our overlords flood us with crappy tiny electric cars next year. Anyone know her. Gonna tax RICH people!! Raising families incomes so they can afford a better life. Oh I just seen that you were arrested for animal cruelty. What happened? Did you get caught putting peanut butter between your legs and let the dog lick it again?

Biatch I will tear you up. Still have your kid or did CPS pick the kid up yet.

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I used to do their bookwork. Crooked mfrs. You will be missed. Where at?

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President Trump resolved an impasse between Saudi Arabia and Mexico that threatened to sink the agreement, intended to raise oil prices as demand plummets amid the COVID coronavirus pandemic. The cuts, if implemented, would reduce global oil supply by about 13 percent. As part of the deal, the U.

Overall, the U. Canada wasn't asked to cut production but would let market forces curtail its supply, Alberta's energy minister said.


Oil prices plummeted 40 percent since early March amid a crash in demand and a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia that now appears to be resolved. Typical comment from a dumbass. Take up your a hole. A closer look reveals that in all factually, they have zero control or power. They can only do what they are told to do, and what they are given official approval to do by those whom they actually work for.

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Layer 2: Layer 2 consists of those individuals operating behind the scenes, pulling the strings, calling the shots, who are really in control of Roane Counry. They are the true "puppet" masters of the elected "pupoet" officials, over whom they exercise complete authority and control over. Layer 3: Layer 3 consists of those who are on Roane County's payroll, hired on the outside of Roane County to alert the corrupt "puppet" officials and their "puppet" masters who control them about precisely who is being watched under surveillance, who the outside authorities suspect is doing precisely what, precisely who is being investigated, and precisely whom they are planning to do a search warrant and arrest on, etc All info on the internet, and all info on cell phone traffic coming into and going out of Riane County, is closely monitored and controlled for security purposes because of all the Narco Trafficking taking place at the Roane County Municipal Airport.

The fight was not fair. It wasn't fair last time due to that nearly illegal and almost lethal Frankenstunner and it wasn't fair this time when the fat girls kept dropping their fat butts and plump tacos on Don's face. He nearly suffocated, has cracked ribs, and further brain damage. I want to ask Don's fans - his Morman bike buddies, to please pray for him. Vengeance is mine!

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I will start training and I will damage that poor scrawny and alcoholic villain after I've sued him for everything he's got. I'll take his rusty trailer, the stables, and all of his malt liquor. I'll even challenge Diaz, win, and he will find out that he is not mayor for life.

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I'll fire everyone in office. I'll put me and Don's names on the water tower. I'll even rename Hondo to Pedroville.

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