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In an ever-developing revelation of his musical identity, we now bring you the next chapter in the development of MilkDrop. The local lyricist just dropped a new single with the help of a familiar powerhouse last week. The song, produced entirely by local hip-hop mastermind Approach, features the poetic and lyrical skills of MilkDrop. If you've been paying attention to the local scene, you know that instantly recognizable synth sound Approach has become famous for.

The man has a strong hold on any music he puts out, never sampling and always creating. MilkDrop has been crafting an image as the idyllic rapper, romanticizing all his thoughts into rhymes. He's been plugging away at his craft over the last year, and the strength behind his vocals are showing on this track.

To show that this is a collaborative effort, MilkDrop eases off the gas at about two minutes in and lets GTRAIN and Approach carry him home much like how they've been there backing him up throughout this venture. She enjoys long walks, photography and rock and roll. She does not like cats, but makes exceptions for the ones at Love Garden. For more local music coverage, visit iheartlocalmusic.

For the last 10 years, musician Sam Billen has rounded up musicians to help him release a compilation of holiday music.

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You could say Sam Billen is holiday happy. The Lawrence musician is fond of festivities, and crazy about Christmas. For 10 years in a row, he has rounded up musicians to help him release a compilation of holiday music. This year's album, "Jolly TIme! Billen recorded a couple of tracks, and rounded up artists from across the globe as far as Finland and Tokyo for the rest of the album.

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The album is an adorable little indie-pop smorgasbord. Additionally, in the spirit of Christmas, it's free to the public.

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Billen tends to this every Christmas. But, should you choose to donate some money for the download, all donations go toward water. Download the album here courtesy Sam Billen and Friends and listen to some of the music below. The one-man-wonder treated the Replay to one of his yearly performances on Friday night.

The sole performer — armed with a set of keys, buttons, mics, guitars and a highway system of wires — is grand fun to watch. On this night, his dreamy synth s were backed by accidental yet appropriate percussion, courtesy of the bleeps and bloops of the pinball machines behind him. Our favorite foul-mouthed songsters, Sugar Britcheswill be playing a benefit show on Wednesday for the Lawrence Community Photo Studio. The studio has had a tight relationship with the band, and even hosted them for a popular Final Fridays event over the summer.

In return, Sugar Britches will be helping raise funds for the studio with a performance there. The band will come armed with a new lineup. ly, they performed as a four-piece, but have now added some percussion via Kimberly Simonetti. They've told us this is a permanent fixture.

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The studio currently acts as a space for up-and-coming photographers, darkroom classes, gallery shows, equipment workshops and more. But it also has served as a strong ally to the musicians. You can catch the benefit show this Wednesday at the studio, E. Lawrence loves a good MAW show, and it's been a while since we've seen one. But this weekend, the musical matrons with a flair for old-timey tunes will be celebrating with a CD release party for their latest album, "Bought the Farm.

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Everything about MAW is undoubtedly agreeable, which makes sense when you consider their origins. These harmonizing women are also the wives of the Midday Ramblers, and decided the boys wouldn't be having all the fun when they came together to form the beloved Americana band.

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Since then, they've pleased audiences with their matter-of-fact folk s full of cheeky, dark humor they've been known to keep a death count of casualties in their songs. This playful attitude continues on the new album, as evidenced by the songs they posted online ahead of the show.

We're particularly fond of "Picklin' Man. MAW tends to have audiences wrapped around their banjo-pickin' fingers, and we imagine that'll still be the sentiment this weekend. Friday at Frank's North Star Tavern. The Jackpot is one of those places to see bands right before they take off, and we have a feeling Wednesday's show will follow the pattern. That's where Beach Slanga rapidly rising band out of Philadelphia, is set to draw out anyone who loves guitar rock and wears nostalgia on their sleeve.

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The current rock scene is littered with punk bands bands trying to pander to everyone's nostalgic woes, but most of kind of blow it oof. Beach Slang is not one of those bands. James Snyder and his bandmates are propelled by an authentic, raw and emotional fuel that appeals to both their mature and younger listeners.

If you come to the Jackpot on Wednesday, there's a good chance there will be a few KU students thrashing at the front of the stage, while the older folk find that familiar "sweet spot" at the venue that allows them to take in all of the perfectly resonating and explosive guitars saturated with '90s wistfulness.

Beach Slang's appeal to a wide audience is a blessing because it could be the band that puts the final nail in the coffin on poorly constructed pop punk.

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It's allowing listeners to let their guard down and replant their rock roots into something organic and authentic. We know what it's like to "heart local music," but Something and the Whatevers may have outdone us this time. Something and the Whatevers has never kept their love for local bands a secret. But this Thursday, they're putting that local love in the spotlight with a set consisting entirely of songs by other local bands. Their set is part of a covers show at the Replay. Me Like Bees will cover The White Stripes, which makes perfect sense seeing as how the frontman's voice is a dead ringer for Jack White's.

But it's Something and the Whatevers' set that grabbed our attention. Their La Guerre cover was particularly impressive because it required one of the singers' voice to reach heights only attainable by Katlyn Conroy. That's something folks tend to forget about Something and the Whatevers. They may seem like a silly, loud band on the surface.

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But underneath is some highly impressive musical skill. Instead of hearing obnoxious shouting from the keyboard player, look down at his hands and see how swiftly they fly up and down the keys while messing with settings on the laptop.

He also had to program "Tiny G," the robot they tout at all their shows now.


The guitarist should also grab your attention. Look past the comical lyrics and you'll see a proficient guitarist with pitch perfect vocals.

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You can watch these accomplished musicians in action when they play songs written by other Lawrence bands starting at 9 p. Thursday at the Replay. Girls Rock! It seems I can't go two weeks without hearing from someone about the positive, lingering effects of Girls Rock! Now, once again, young women in Lawrence will have their voices heard.

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The Girls Rock! Over the summer, young women in Lawrence attended the camp to learn about empowerment through music. At the end of the week, they were performing in rock bands on the Bottleneck stage. It was a high point of the summer for many Lawrence music lovers and scenesters because even if you weren't involved with the camp, you likely knew someone who was.

This weekend, they'll finally be celebrating the release at Cider Gallery, Pennsylvania St. The celebration takes place at 6 p. Afterward, DJ Kimbarely Legal will get the dance party started. You can hear a sample of what the girls have been working on below. They volunteered several hours of their time to teach the girls how to play music and how to use those skills to empower themselves.

I want to show how life-changing this weeklong camp was for many girls," Gluck says. It was all about feeling confident by the end of the week, and we heard that from a lot of parents.

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Not only did their girls learn how to play instruments, but they grew into themselves as human beings. This is a free event and all ages are invited to attend. If you purchase merch or the CD at the event, the proceeds go toward making sure the event can happen again in the future.

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Considering the overwhelming turnout for the camp's first year this summer, that's likely to happen. But they're finally beginning to shake that image thanks to their new EP. They'll celebrate the release Friday at the Replayand you have every reason to go. Toughies is really just a few months old. The very first time they played a showthe community got hyped up and came out by the dozens to watch them play the Replay on a weeknight, if you can believe it.


Half of the band had plenty of live experience with their stint in Haunt Ananta, yet they all still took the stage doe-eyed and a little nervous. On that Wednesday night in April, they nailed every song they performed. Turns out, the hype was real and the audience was thrilled.

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What Are Hands For? Since then, Toughies have been a great summer escape thanks to their breezy, swaying s. This also holds true for their other tunes, including the ever-upbeat "Horsefeather. The song made a lasting impression at Toughies' last show below. That last show is moving Toughies away from the "box of kittens" image and portraying them as a band with songs that are quickly and professionally developing. In fact, much of their music is taking a turn, exploring into other genres. Toughies can be poppy, bluesy, or even romantic… but they're always in style.

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