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COM, L. COM i. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. December Trafficking in Persons Report Back. Apple booty a??. Since its founding, FAIR Girls has reached over 20, young people and provided technical and programmatic support to hundreds of social service organizations in 18 countries, with a primary focus on serving youth aged 11 to 24 in the District of Columbia.

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Inthis grew to a total of 78 youth served, and inthis totaled total clients served through crisis 1. FAIR Girls has received 18 new referrals in the calendar and is serving an active case load of 66 clients. This averages to at least one new client seeking services per week. The average of years our clients are sold as victims of sex trafficking is four years.

The average of times our clients are raped as trafficking victims is between 3 to 5 times per night. Anti Trafficking Task Force and serves as co-chairs to the training and victim services committee. FAIR Girls regularly trains law enforcement, medical and social work professionals, and educators in how to identify and assist victims of human trafficking.

FAIR Girls also provides prevention education services to 4, teens in high schools, foster group homes, detention facilities, and in youth shelters.

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Our four-week curriculum, piloted inhas been featured in 2. Due to FAIR Girls extensive year experience providing direct services to survivors of trafficking, we are uniquely posed to understand the complex ways in which traffickers lure and sell their victims. The majority of our clients, some as young as 11, are lured online and again sold by their traffickers online, including use of the website Back.

FAIR Girls identifies underage and missing youth that have been reported by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children during these searches, and provides our findings to local law enforcement. In our experience, many of the missing and exploited girls who are referred to FAIR Girls for services were sold by their traffickers on Back. Our initial interest in monitoring Back. The purpose of this advertisement was to provide a crisis hotline phone to potential victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking who may be posted on this section of the web site.

In FAIR Girls experience, the majority of sex trafficking victims, both adult and children, were advertised in this section prior to be identified by law enforcement. Our hope was that girls in need of services would see and respond to this advertisement for support.

She was caught in Sex Trafficking, the second biggest crime in America. ONLY Sex Trafficking is also known as Modern Day Slavery. Anyone under 4. Even if it's consensual. Sex Trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Second to drugs. US Department of Justice. The growing accessibility and privacy of the internet has largely contributed to the growth of the sex trafficking "business".

Men buy and sell.

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She was sold times a day, 6 days a week. That's between 9, and 14, sex acts a year.

Shared Hope International. All or most of the money made by the young women goes directly to their "pimp". They have no clothes, no home, no identity.

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Young women are often beat, starved, abused and tormented. No Judgement. Totally Confidential. We are NOT law enforcement. The Back. And an offer was made to relocate the advertisement to the Community section of Back. This clearly indicates that Back. At the core of Back. However, by denying our outreach advertisement intended to provide help to girls just like the three young women in this case, it is clear Back.

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Furthermore, by deciding what is and is not a clear Escort advertisement, Back. Advertisements with clear sexual content pass through the Back. This outreach has resulted in numerous successful efforts by local law enforcement to search for trafficking victims, including those as young as 14 years of age.

During the course of our routine search, an advertisement appeared depicting the photographs of one of our existing clients.

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We were confident of this fact because she was sitting in our office and reading a book. We were concerned about the physical safety of our year old client.

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We also believed that the advertisement used her images because she looked extremely young due to the fact that she suffered from a serious developmental disability. The posting of her photos caused extreme emotional trauma and re-victimization of our mentally disabled client. Four days later, FAIR Girls sent the following to I am reporting this ad because it features images of young woman who is a survivor of sex trafficking who does not want her images on Back.

She feels threatened and has men approaching her on the streets. It's unsafe and degrading for her.


I have sent you a few other s regarding this young woman'sand they have not been removed and more keep coming up. Please help us get these down -- it's horrible for her. We received a message: Thanks for bringing these to our attention and reporting them to us. We have tried to remove as much of the content as we could find. However, the advertisements of Kayla continued until June 22,when law enforcement conducted Operation Cross Country VI and found a year old child victim who was being sold as the year old 8.

During her recovery, the year old victim was also pregnant.

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With her was another year old victim of sex trafficking who was also sold under the same advertisement by their traffickers, Candice Ponder and Dominque Bell. In the following months, facts of the case revealed that the year old runaway, a child sex trafficking victim, was threatened with both a semi-automatic weapon and handgun. All of the money was then taken from the victims, who were monitored at all times, by their two traffickers. The advertisement for the pregnant teenage victim was posted dozens of times on Back.

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Beat Me. Degrade Me. Choke Me. This advertisement depicted a year old young woman whose advertisements had been posted for over a year. Those advertisements then, using the same young 9. McDougall admitted that the advertisement should not have made it thru their screening process.

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However, following that nationally heard statement by Back. Upon deeper investigation, FAIR Girls found the following posting by men who had found and bought the year old victim on Back. Stay away!!! I repeat stay away! She has a pimp thats the only reason I stayed" Buyer, EroticReview.

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