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We present articles such as this simply as a convenience to our readership Hamilton came to the event after volunteering with her husband, Tom Hamilton, in the efforts to raise awareness and find Audrey May Herronwho disappeared Aug. Hamilton and Viola were among people who attended the afternoon speeches and ceremony to remember the nearly 4, people missing in New York state and the 85, missing nationwide.

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April 6 is the official state Missing Persons Day. Doug and Mary Lyall of Milton have worked tirelessly to help others with missing relatives. Suzanne would now be 33 years old. The candle was surrounded by photos of missing loved ones and T-shirts printed to further the causes of finding them.

Doug Lyall said the sting of having a missing family member is not going to go away. But, he said, it is important to assist others and to resolve to not give up. Since then, Williams has worked to aid other families nationwide dealing with the disappearance of a family member.

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He assists families with the various aspects of finding the missing family member. Merciless, Revillame pushes the six-year-old to keep dancing for money, mocking his performance as comparable to Burlesk Queen, the s Philippines cult movie starring actress Vilma Santos now a politician as a bikini-clad cabaret performer whose sexy dance routine so traumatises her she has a miscarriage on stage.

Jan-Jan has to learn macho dancing at his age, for the sake of his family," Revillame says with a laugh. The besieged host launched a diatribe against his celebrity critics on Friday as he announced a two-week suspension of the top-rating program Willing Willie.

I'm not a bad person. I only want to help the poor," Revillame pleaded in a histrionic minute "farewell" speech, beseeching viewers to "pray for this program to be back on air". He charged some of The Philippines' top singers and actors with leading a Twitter and Facebook campaign to push advertisers to pull commercials from Willing Willie. The forces that put Jan-Jan in the spotlight have elements peculiar to The Philippines, but Manila is not an isolated case.

Across Southeast Asia, in TV game shows, reality programs and talent contests, product launches, advertisements and mainstream films, children and minors under the malleable Asian age of consent are increasingly depicted in a highly sexualised and erotic fashion.

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Thai commercial TV broadcasts popular "mini-Thai idol"-style contests showcasing heavily made-up children as young as three in sexy get-up, dancing and singing provocatively. Similar fare is increasingly dished up to audiences in Indonesia and in poorer Cambodia. Often it's cutesy but more often blatantly pedophile-friendly. In Thailand, where made-up toddler girls sport pink T-shirts saying "I'm Single", the press occasionally reports on controversies surrounding beauty contests for children from the age of three.

The treatment of Southeast Asian children as commodities extends from the mainstream media to bars and brothels. Experts agree that a pernicious popular and private culture of impunity regarding sexual abuse and trafficking of children still exists in the region and is worsening.

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According to law enforcement agencies and academic specialists, trafficking and prostitution of young children is on the rise. Thailand today is functioning more as a trafficking hub for child prostitutes and "illegal immigrants" from neighbouring poor countries such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Some figures suggest as many aswomen and children are trafficked annually in Southeast Asia.

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Estimates of the of child prostitutes in Thailand range from fewer than to the high hundreds of thousands. The Philippines is believed to have more thanchild prostitutes. Le Roux points to cultural factors, such as Southeast Asian concepts of "sacrifice" and the "younger sibling", as facilitating the prostitution of children and women.

Locals and foreigners often mistakenly think that with economic and social development, the scourge of pedophilia and widespread child prostitution is at least diminishing in Southeast Asia, from the heights of the s and s. Australians recall pedophiles such as Robert Dunn who were tracked down by journalists and sometimes police.

Cambodia has trumpeted the arrests of high-profile foreigners such as Gary Glitter, while local child abusers, the UN and NGOs attest, go unpunished. Countering the public-relations spin, the US State Department last year placed Thailand, to Bangkok's fury, on the high alert "Tier Two watch list" for only making "limited progress" on combating and prosecuting human trafficking, including child prostitution.

The Philippines also shared this ignominious status second year runningalongside new entrants Vietnam and Laos. Wealthy Singapore appeared on the same US watch list. South Asia is not exempt, with India tagged as a top source, destination and transit country for traffickers. Gender expert Carina Chotirawe, a professor at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University, believes more work needs to be done in the region "to shift the consciousness of the parents and society as a whole on the protection of children". It felt like he was prostituting poverty, making the poor pander to him for quick cash fixes, as he does on a daily basis, and never mind if it entails a kid being sexed up and crying as he Jan-Jan does so pitifully.

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For Chotirawe, a deep-seated "cultural wiring" takes place in Southeast Asia where "kids are conditioned to believe that being sexy and looking grown up will get you far more". Or in milder cases, if they are more well off and are fortunate to escape that predicament, they are lured to become 'Pretties' like the ones you see parading at motor shows.

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Australian child protection activist Bernadette McMenamin, founder of Child Wise, agrees that the erotic depiction of children in Southeast Asia is bad news for the battle against sex tourism. Four men have been arrested in Mecosta County in connection with a missing persons case.

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Spires, 20, of Barryton vanished about a year ago. Mecosta County Prosecutor Peter Jaklevic has not returned phone calls or spoken publicly about the case, but his office has said details will be forthcoming. Police have referred all inquires to Jaklevic, saying he's the only one who can speak on the investigation. Police think that Spires is dead and are trying to determine how she died and where her body has been hidden, the Pioneer reported.

Massage or reflexology parlors, often tied to the sex trafficking industry, have proliferated in the Des Moines metro. The city's police chief has vowed to do more to shut down und operators.

The men are accused of being involved in delivering a controlled substance to Spires and assaulting her with intent to commit great bodily harm, according to the Pioneer. The Pioneer quoted Jaklevic as saing the four delivered cocaine and possibly marijuana to Spires and that the men are charged with hiding her body to hide the crime. According to the Pioneer, Walker had been sentenced in January to nine months in jail for obstruction of justice, with court records indicating that he was charged for "telling a false story to police in a missing person case, which resulted in police executing two search warrants, a large use of manpower by the Michigan State Police Crime Lab and an invasion of privacy on those who did not need to be searched.

Bennett testified at Walker's hearing that Walker and Rollin went to his home with Spires on May 14, and that Walker, Rollin and Spires were using cocaine and marijuana, according to the Pioneer.

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Friends and family of Spires, meanwhile, kept communication open on the Facebook social networking site, sharing thoughts and prayers and hoping for closure soon. These guys need to say where she is," said Kristi Hart of Evart.

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Mecosta County Sheriff's officials have said that Kristin's body has not been found, but they do not believe she is alive and are treating the probe as a murder investigation. Police have been actively investigating the disappearance. The of people convicted in Iowa for prostitution and soliciting prostitutes has nose-dived in recent years as advertising for the sex trade has become aggressive online.

Last year, 96 people were convicted of prostitution-related charges in Iowa. Chris Scott, a spokesman for Des Moines police. I don't want to say it's more organized, but it really is. Police officials around the state say they do not have time to surf the Internet looking for solicitations, so they act in response to specific complaints, often from hotel or motel workers. In Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo and other places, police set up occasional stings, sometimes using sex workers they already have arrested as bait. But a tide of new advertising through social media and online sites is troubling to local, state and federal law enforcement concerned about human trafficking, especially that of teens.

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Kevin Kinney. The sting led to stiff federal sentences last month of more than 17 and 14 years for Mary Crane Horton, 32, and Nate Horton, 35, two people accused in a conspiracy to commit, and financially benefit from, sex trafficking in Omaha and Council Bluffs. Ramon Heredia, a co-conspirator whose wife was beaten and forced into the ring, is scheduled to be sentenced Monday.

The four lived in an Omaha apartment, where Crane Horton or another operator would load photographs of prostitutes on Craigslist and other sites to solicit men in both states from the summer of to last summer. Often, the sex acts would occur in a Council Bluffs apartment.

One girl who ran away from the ring was 13 years old. The women, including Heredia's wife, were beaten in front of other prostitutes to "keep them in line," according to a federal plea agreement. But today, those engaged in the world's oldest profession advertise heavily on a range of websites such as Back. Pimps and escort services have their own Web s, and many have already turned up the heat on social media such as Twitter. Sites typically provide phone s and hourly rates and ask would-be clients to schedule appointments. Some of the advertisements promise massages, dances on stripper poles, various "tricks" and "fantastic sessions.

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In larger metro areas - Las Vegas, the Twin Cities, Chicago - local law enforcement agencies have special units to handle an onslaught of prostitution generated in large part by the online solicitations, Kinney said. Spirit Lake school board member charged But in Iowa, police officials say they build cases from tips about suspicious activity, as happened in one of Des Moines' two prostitution arrests this year. That case involved Scott D. Scott said he didn't know how Wicks met Taylor. But Taylor told detectives Wicks paid her for sex at the motel.

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Reached Tuesday, Wicks emphatically denied he did anything illegal. The year-old man said he was in Des Moines on business and was approached by a woman at a convenience store while he was buying a soda.

Des Moines police promise more attention

He said the woman asked him for a ride to a place not far away and he obliged. But where I live, you help people out. Court records show Taylor, 24, has a long criminal history, including convictions for theft, forgery, possession of a controlled substance, OWI, child endangerment and driving while barred-habitual offender. She was not arrested in the February incident.

Couple Faces Child-Abuse Charges for Tasering Boy, 13

Taylor is listed as a possible witness in the case. Scott, Polk have most offenders convicted. Kinney, who is a member of a state human trafficking working group covering southern Iowa, was involved in in the state's first federal human trafficking case involving the sex trade. In that case, a Wellman man, Demont Bowie, was convicted of kidnapping a year-old girl from Minneapolis and forcing her to work in an eastern Iowa prostitution ring run by Bowie's father.

The case was prosecuted as a kidnapping.

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Since then, authorities have prosecuted cases arising out of Crawford, Story, Pottawattamie and Winneshiek counties. Kinney and others have been involved in several cases in which groups have tried to lure teens into the sex trade. The gender of at least 15 people was not recorded. The two counties with the highest of offenders convicted were Scott with 34 and Polk with

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